Polar Stratospheric Clouds at Night

Feb. 14, 2017: Arctic nights are usually colored by the aurora borealis. Last night was different. The colors came from polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs). Lars Lehnert photographed the display from Abisko, Sweden:

“We saw these clouds all day long,” says Lenart, “and they continued into the night. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

In Kiruna, Sweden, longtime PSC photographer Mia Stålnacke saw them, too: “This was a first for me!” she says. “The polar stratospheric clouds which lit up the Arctic skies in daylight are still here. Now they are beautifully lit up by the Moon instead!”

This is a remarkable episode of PSCs–the best in many years according to some longtime residents of northern Sweden. Arctic sky watchers should remain alert for more, both day and night, as this unusual winter continues.

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